Salmast Heritage Association committe would like to thank the following people for being our most ardent sponsors. Without your help and your commitment to our cause, we would have not been able to carry out any of our projects. 

  • Mr. Varand Markarian
  • Mrs. Laura Atoian
  • Mr. Sevak Hayrapetian
  • Mr. David Hayrapetian / BEARS BP,LLC    
  • Mr. Serge Minassian
  • Mr. Mkrtich Babayan
  • Mr. Vartkes Zakarian
  • Mr. Daniel Hayrapetian
  • Mr. Sarkis Barkhoudarian
  • Mr. Greg Boghosian
  • CARE LINE TRAS. Sevak and Varouj
  • Ms. Karine - 
  • Alexis Deli/Grocery
  • Mr. Edik Hayrapetian
  • Roubin Nazarian
  • Armine Keshishian
  • Seda Khachaturian
  • Mari Sahakian