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List of Raffi's Books

Hakob Melik Hakobian, otherwise known by his pen name Raffi, (1835 - 1888),  was an Armenian author, a prominent figure of 19th century Armenian literature.

He was born in Payajuk,  an Armenian village situated in the Salmas province (presently in the north of Iran, near Lake Ourmia) in Persia. He died in 1888 in Tiflis (present-day Tbilisi).

Raffi is a prominent figure of Armenian literature.His father, a wealthy merchant and farmer, belonged to the local bourgeoisie. Thus, Raffi’s financial situation, along with his being the eldest of a large family of 13 children, allowed him to benefit from a high quality education.

His education began at Ter Todik, his village's school, which was known for its strictness and punishment methods. Raffi described and deno ...more

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      The Fool - English Edition

1.  The Fool - Armenian Edition

Raffi's Memorial

monument in Tiblisi.