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Village of  Malham

Village of  Haftvan

Village of  Payajouk

Salmast on Wikipedia

List of Churches in Salmast

Scanned Copies of կենդանի պատմագիրքը

Barev TV interview with Salmast Heritage Association Committee members

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Salmast Earthquake mentioned in Chicago Tribune. 


1930 Earthquake:

Coverage in Asbarez Newspaper

Salmast Heritage Association Event Coverage

Salmast Earthquake mentioned in The Canberra Times

Music, Art, Literature and Movies from or on Salmast

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Hayeli Newspaper Bilingual (Persian/Armenian) sites 

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Գտեք կենդանի պատմագիրքը Սալմաստի մասին Hyeli-ում

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Armenian Books (Official Website of the Late Dr. Hayrapetian)

Dr. Hayraptian's Interview with USArmenia TV Network

Paros with Dr. Onnik Hayrapetian - Horizon Armenian Television Network

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Dr. Onnik Hayrapetian - Pars TV Interview with Faramarz Forouzandeh