Prominent Salmastsis 

Dr. Onnik Akop Hapraptian was born on January 1944,, in Mahlam, in Salmas region of Iran. (Known as Salmast to many Armenians) where he spent most of his childhood. In 1957 he moved to the Iranian Capital, Tehran, in order to attend Koushesh Davitian Armenian High School. After graduating from the aforementioned school, Dr. Hayrapetian moved to Isfahan, Iran to attend university. A fter receiving his B.A in Armenian Language and Literature from University of Isfahan, he moved back to Tehran to receive his Masters Degree in General Linguistics. After receiving his Master's Degree, Dr. Hayraptian moved to Armenia and attended his Ph. D. in linguistic from Urartu University of Yerevan.

In the late 70''s, Dr. Hayraptian moved to the United States and studied General Linguistics in the Ph.D. program at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Since completing his studies at various universities, Dr. Hayrapetian settled in Glendale, California and for the next 30 years that were to come he taught Armenian Language, Linguistics and Literature in elementary and high schools, colleges, and universities within Los Angeles, California. As such, he simultaneously held different positions throughout his career. Since 1990, he had been teaching Armenian Language and Linguistics in Glendale Community College. In 1992 He was appointed as the chairman of Armenian Studies of Mashdots College, a private non-sectarian undergraduate institution located at the heart of Glendale.

In addition, Dr. Hayrapetian was also the Educational director of Davidian and Mariamian Eductational Foundation in Glendale, as well as an adviser for the Armenian Studies Association in Fresno, Ca.

Dr. Hayraptian also held private tutoring sessions. Most of his students included doctors, lawyers, teachers, police personnel, city council members, clergies and businessmen.

Dr. Hayraptian died of a heart attack on June 17, 2015 at Age 71 while vacationing in Yerevan, Armenia.

May he rest in peace.  

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