Salmast Heritage Committee member, Mr. Mkrtich Babayan thanking the audience, and the entertainers during the closing speech. 

The audience, including Salmast Heritage Chair Mr. Sarkiss Barkhoudarian and other members. 

Friday March 11, 2016 

Salmast Heritage Association committee members had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Brambilla on March 12, 2016 to discuss Salmast Architecture as well as the future of its standing churches and other historical monuments.

Present at the meeting were SHA chair, Mr. Sarkis Barkhoudarian, Mr. Edik Hayrapetian, Mr. Mkrtich Babayan, Mr. Harout Boghosian, Mrs. Laura Atoian, and Ms. Roubina Dermardirosian. We also had the pleasure of having Dr. Peter Cowe, UCLA Narekatsi chair of Armenian Studies as our special guest. The purpose of the event was also to organize conferences and other events or study programs at UCLA about the state of churches in Salmast, and a study of Architecture. 

We thank Dr. Brambilla for providing us his time, not to mention his office for this informative meeting.   We enjoyed the red wine Dr. Brambilla served us.    

Past Events 

Spring Celebration

Nune Avetissyan had an exceptional poetry recital night on March 3, 2016. Singers Artashes Avetyan and Gevorg Chakmanian added more fun to the event as they made the crowd dance with their happy songs. 

Salmast Heritage Committee member, Nune Avetissyan reciting  a poem by Hovanes Shiraz. 

The audience gets up and starts dancing during both Artashes' and Gevorks' performance. 

SHA Committee members attending the event to support

Armenian Heroes.

This meeting was put together in short notice as Prof. Cowe had to travel to Armenia to  collaborate UCLA with American University of Armenia in organizing events and programs on Salmast in particular

Please see the colloquium

Saturday, March 12, 2016 -

SHA Committee's Exceptional Meeting with Dr. Marco Brambilla

March 2016 

The three entertainers, Artashes Avetyan, Nune Avetissyan, and Gevork Chalkmanyan on stage together entertaining the audience.